Cash Man is a hunger-fighting superhero. His super-power is explaining the economics of food pantry donations.

Cash Man particpates in parades, fund raisers, and makes appearances at chuches, civic groups, and businesses to raise awareness of how donations make a difference in amount of food available to feed the hungry.

The Origin of Cash Man

The 2008 Memorial Day Parade in Walled Lake was the first time Cash Man was seen in public. Our local food pantry, Hospitality House, always participates in the parade. In the past we would raise public awareness during the parade by carrying a banner, dressing up in life-size can costumes, pushing grocery carts, etc.

This year Cash Man and his minions (carrying the signs) walked in the parade. The goal was simply to educate people and get them thinking about donating cash instead of cans in the future.

But the response from the crowd was absolutely stunning.

People spontaneously starting handing us money! They came out from the sides of the parade - kids, adults - to hand us bills. So many people were handing us money we were slowing down the parade. People were even cheering for each other as they donated. One kid on a bike asked me "do you take change?" And he gave me all the change in his pocket. Many parents put money in their kid's hands and walked them out to donate it - passing on a lesson in generosity.

We were completely taken by surprise by this outpouring of generosity - and actually unprepared - we had no containers so we had to stuff the money in our pockets and our pockets were jammed.

By the end of the parade we collected about $350 for the food pantry.

What an amazing and touching experience this was. We felt blessed just to be part of it.

Over the years the generosity has continued. In 2013, about $805 was donated along the parade route.

Who is Cash Man? Cash Man's secret identity is Jeff Sovel - mild mannered computer guy. Shhh....
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